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Community Streams

Name Summoner Name Solo Queue Rank Main rolesort descending Twitch URL Streaming
Chris Semp pookar PLATINUM IV (19) Bot (Attack Damage Carry) Not streaming
EllieZ EllieZ GOLD V (75) Bot (Support) Ellie's twitch Not streaming
Muchen Dong eZmuDe GOLD V (0) Bot (Support) eZmuDe - Outplayed Not streaming
Alex Um Muu GOLD II (56) Jungle Muu's Rage Stream Not streaming
jongsoopark95 v Yura v SILVER I (56) Middle Climb to Plat!!! With v Yura v Not streaming
Mark Eisenberg tetsoysauce SILVER II (22) Top The Side Show Not streaming
hiker313 hikers Top hiking hats Not streaming