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Name Summoner Name Main role Solo Queue Rank Campus
varietyplacid 96 Bot (Support) Off-Campus
hiker313 hikers Top Newark
Dan Abrams dayunny Top Unranked College Ave
Dae DaeJ Jungle DIAMOND V (0) Busch
Anthony Chun Arcton Middle GOLD V (0) Off-Campus
Nathan Del Carmen Carbonroast Jungle PLATINUM III (16) Busch
Mike Cheng Graft Bot (Attack Damage Carry) GOLD II (0) Busch
Royce Troy RiceCooker Bot (Attack Damage Carry) SILVER IV (10) N/A (Graduated)
Chris Hyun PeacemakerCH Jungle GOLD V (86) Cook/Douglas
Ray Ran Xu Ray Xu Bot (Support) DIAMOND III (73) Busch
Andi Casuras
Mike Kirilenko MikalBlak Top BRONZE V (23) Camden
Chris Semp pookar Bot (Attack Damage Carry) PLATINUM IV (19) College Ave
Aziz Rahman LLamuh Bot (Attack Damage Carry) GOLD V (0) Off-Campus
EllieZ EllieZ Bot (Support) GOLD V (75) Off-Campus