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Name Summoner Name Main role Solo Queue Rank Campus
Jae Juxtapositi... literally hot Bot (Support) SILVER I (100) Busch
Joe Marchica Kaminyormowth Middle GOLD IV (46) Off-Campus
Jonah Wang theYoungWang Middle DIAMOND V (67) Off-Campus
Steve Mattia ShadyCloud Top GOLD IV (93) Busch
Royce James TheExcellence Jungle Livingston
Brendon Kang TET Miracle Jungle DIAMOND III (44) Off-Campus
Gustavo Flores
Andrea Mendoza
Sergio Morgado Jr. crossblade9 Jungle SILVER III (14) N/A (Graduated)
Aziz Khalil
Xinhong Yang Captain Annie Middle PLATINUM IV (51) Off-Campus
Jake Baker Bu1ldozer Bot (Attack Damage Carry) SILVER V (35) Off-Campus
Jay Chen best shaco china Middle PLATINUM V (0) Livingston
Scott Thompson VladislavDiran Jungle GOLD V (0) Off-Campus
Keith Yiu